Five Star Cottages Over Hotels

Many people wonder what the value of choosing a self-catering cottage is over a hotel. After all instead of booking a beautiful five star cottage, wouldn’t it be better to just go ahead and book a five star hotel instead?

The truth is that there are many benefits of choosing five star cottages over a hotel.

Some of the benefits include

  • Higher levels of privacy.
  • They are more economical.
  • More flexibility.
  • Unique facilities.
  • Your own pool.
  • The internet is yours alone.
  • No sharing of facilities.
  • Meals delivered to your front door.
  • No irritating hotel staff.
  • You won’t need to worry about tips.
  • It may be safer and more secure.
  • Better value for money.
  • No stairs or elevators.
  • Much more space.
  • You can be closer to the sea and mountains.
  • More nature to experience.
  • High levels of comfort.
  • You will have more freedom.
  • You will have peace and quiet all day long

Regardless of what you want to be doing, you will have peace and quiet all day every day. You will not have to worry about other people and noises. If you need to work for a couple of hours here and there, you can do that very easily in your own cottage.

Some of the facilities we can provide you for your business needs are top of the range internet and technology facilities. We have been consulting to make sure that we have the best dedicated servers and our internet have been tested by experts.

There is no need for you to worry about your data and information as everything is very secure. You could literally run your entire business from our cottages if you wish to do so. We have set up some cottages with special business sections, rooms and facilities to ensure that you can work comfortably while your family can rest and play. You will never be able to work in a hotel with no interruptions like you would in our cottages.