The Hard Part

The hardest part of booking a luxurious five star holiday cottage is deciding which one to choose. There are so many choices available to you that it will make your head spin. New cottages are constantly being added to this website.

With thousands of cottages to choose from it can become quite overwhelming. In terms of duration of your stay everything from a one or two night break right up to trips up to months at a time is offered on this site. All the options will be presented to you fully.

Extending your stay

If you wish to extend your stay at one of the cottages featured on this site then the best thing which you can do is make contact directly with your booking agent. The first point of contact should always be the original person who helped you book your accommodation. Your second point of contact is always the accommodation manager.

Many cottages allow you to extend your stay in the event that they don’t have another booking. Always keep in mind that most cottages are usually fully booked during the holiday seasons, therefore it may not be as easy to extend your stay during these periods.

Choosing your cottage

Choosing your cottage is definitely the hardest part as there are so many different options to choose form. However when you are dealing with five star cottages you can be assured that the process will run quite smoothly. In most cases the staff that deal with every part of the process will generally be very easy to deal with.

Five star cottage treatment

Deciding to book five star cottages comes with many benefits. One of the best benefits is that with five star accommodation comes five star treatment. This means that there are all sorts of extras that you can choose from. If you want meals delivered this can be arranged and if you want transport services then that can be arranged too. All of your needs can be met simply by making the correct arrangements and enquirers.